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9 Oct 2012
  Mary And Steve, I just want to thank you for the most fun that I hv had in a long, long time! In my very long life, your wedding was the most fun of any wedding I have ever attended! You both did a awesome job at planning and making your celebration so personalized to both of you, which made it extra special and really good since I love your taste lol!! Love you both so much! Mandy and I are so happy for you and elated that we were fortunate to spend your very special day with you. It could not hv been more perfect! Aunt Margaux
6 Oct 2012
  Mandy and Marg are so happy to share your special day with you! Love you!!! Xoxo
  Margaux wonder
4 Oct 2012
  um, I'm not ready. Could we push this shindig back a week?
29 Sep 2012
  Emily is disappointed that she will not be able to be at the wedding. She has a concert to play in that weekend in Decorah. Jim and I are looking forward to being there for your special day
9 Sep 2012
  I'm mostly looking forward to seeing Mary carry Steve around like Luke & Yoda in "Empire". Going be fun to AutoRap all about this. Hopefully we can get NorthWoods Rick Rubin to produce it.

Congratulations to you both. Will Norske nook be providing pie?
  Eric & Pearl
28 Aug 2012
  Uncle John and Jeff are looking so forward to the big day!
  Uncle John & Jeff
21 Aug 2012
  OMG....Mary Dale in a wedding dress! Wonder how it will look with the shin guards...we are super excited to be included among those invited to this wonderful event. Can't wait! Love you lots!!
  Dennis & Dianne Owens
16 Aug 2012
  We are so bummed that we can't make it. Erich has a football game in cedar rapids that day. We were hoping it would be a home game and we could come to the reception.
We wish you all the best and can't wait to see the pictures. We will be there in spirit.
8 Aug 2012
  Can not wait until the big day. I will have my dancin' shoes on!
  Lisa J.
5 Aug 2012
  Very excited for your wedding day in October!!! Congratulations Moe and Steve!!
5 Aug 2012
  Okay so obviously I found the website...I guess I needed the www before it...anyhoo...awesome website because you are awesome people! I am so super duper happy for you and can't wait to celebrate!!! xoxoox
  Liz 'denmother' Eiss
1 Aug 2012
  We can't wait for the big day! Really enjoyed your website - what a cool idea.
  Kate Gronewold
29 Jul 2012
  Hi Mary and Steve, Looking forward to your wedding. Both Uncle George and myself will be attending. Let me know if you need help on anything. Would love to be part of your big day.
  Donna Vopal
28 Jul 2012
  Congratulations Mary and Steve! We look forward to celebrating with you in October. Lots of love from Minnesota!
  Emily and Joe
19 Jul 2012
  super excited guys!!! cant wait to see you in your dress! love you bunches!
  stephanie big sis :-)
13 Jul 2012
  Congrats Mary! You know I am very excited for you! Don't forget to enjoy your special day, it goes by so fast.
  Amy S
10 Jul 2012
19 Jun 2012
  Well, somebody has to be first... Congratulations! Looking forward to the wedding.