Our Wedding Party

Annie Hatton - Maid of Honor
Annie and I have been best friends since they were 3. Nearly inseparable as kids, we spent countless hours playing dress-up, having tea parties, and enjoying numerous late night slumber parties watching the Laverne and Shirley TV show. We enjoy traveling together now; most recently our Germany adventure provided us with many entertaining stories – my favorite being when Annie mistakenly sprinkled rocks all over her plate at breakfast one morning – you’ll have to ask her how it turned out!
Joe Andrus - Best Man
Joe is my cousin from Iowa CIty, Iowa. Joe and I have been the best of friends since we were kids. Our visits now usually revolve around golf, home repair and Iowa and Wisconsin football games (sometimes we even use our tickets to the game instead of staying at the tailgate parties). Joe is available ladies!
Becca Walters - Bridesmaid
Becca is one of my older sisters. Becca lives in Seattle and works on the Boeing 787. In high school we played soccer, basketball, and ran cross country together. Since then we’ve enjoyed traveling together: camping in the Olympic Peninsula & Yosemite, visiting Annie in the Virgin Islands, watching the NCAA basketball Final Four in TX, and trying to navigate through Germany without speaking any German except for the basic terms: help, cheap, cheese, and thank you.
Ryan Casey - Groomsman
Ryan is my older brother. Only kidding Ryan! He is actually the younger of us. Ryan lives in Madison and teaches music at Stoughton High School, He also is a singer/songwriter and plays numerous gigs in the area. Our heated games of nerf basketball in our shared bedroom as kids have carried over to a healthy rivalry on the golf course.
Tricia Dale - Bridesmaid
Tricia is another of my older sisters. Somehow after years of sharing bunk beds we managed to come out alive and have become close friends. Tricia lives up nort’ dere in Winona, Minnesota. She is one of my favorite people to tailgate with at Badger and Brewer games - somehow we always end up dancing, which sometimes results in getting free socks! See you on the dance floor!
Thom Byerley - Groomsman
Thom is a good friend of mine who lives in Madison. I've known Thom since our high school days in Freeport. I think we met in study hall...or was it detention? Thom is one of the reasons I started to visit Madison and eventually moved here. He is quite the golfer and guitar player and likes to check the weather on his iphone.
Beth Schechner - Bridesmaid
Beth was one of my college roommates at Loyola. We weren’t the world’s tidiest roommates but we were really great at procrastinating. I mean, how could we study at 2am when we still hadn’t found the “right” version of the polka, In Heaven There Is No Beer? Beth dated Tony Romo in high school! OK, so maybe not, but she is from Burlington, WI and we enjoy talking Wisconsin sports over a few Spotted Cows any chance we get.
Geoff Larson - Groomsman
Geoff is another friend of mine who lives in Belleville, WI. Geoff and I have known each other since we were in our early teens. He is also a Pretzel. We go on a guys vacation to Hayward, WI every year with a group of around 10 guys. Geoff's knowledge of the outdoors and fishing has earned him the nickname of "Dad" on our trips because he always ends up helping us with our gear and cleans and fries the fish for us. Thanks Dad.